Quality Assurance and Quality Control

OG Engineering Ltd use a system of metrics to to ensure compliance with the project scope ,project performance, project requirements and specifications (contract) , project standards and customer demands.

By using both qualitative and quantitative metrics, (quality review, procedures, tests points) OG Engineering Ltd can effectively measure project quality with customer satisfaction. These tests or quality audits will help you predict and verify the achievement of goals and identify need for corrective actions. Additionally, quality assurance tests will help you map quality metrics to quality goals, allowing you to report on the status of quality at periodic project review meetings.

These tests are being used by OG Engineering Ltd to prevent failures and enforcing project correction activities, whenever required.

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Project Planning & Control

Many organizations now realize more than ever that as an organization grows, rising demand for professional project management. Two features even more difficult, they are enduring growth in activity and an increase in the complexity of the internal processes within the organization. This challenge puts the project manager in crucial point. Although a project manager is not necessarily involved in decisions on the implementation of the project, he is directly responsible for success and achievement of the targets set. His role is to approve the final product and make sure the customer satisfied.

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EHS – Environment, Health & Safety

OG Engineering. EHS Policy:

- No Safety Incidents casualties according to Zero tolerance policy
- Incident Free Work Environment
- Environmental Protection Policy
In order to assure achieving our EHS Policy:
Working according to specifications in each and every site in accordance with the Israeli laws

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Risk Assessment Management

Risk Assessment Management is a significant dimension and a critical success factor in the planning and control of projects.

Risk Identification
Definition of risk (money, time, damage)
Getting risk (non-response)
Developing a response
Prevent a threat (reducing project)

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OG Engineering manages the process of acquiring the permits from different Israeli authorities such as the Israeli Electric Company (IEC), telecommunications, municipal corporations, and so on.

Due to its familiarity and experience, OG Engineering enables the rapid advancement of the process.

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OG Engineering provides turnkey projects for the private, municipal and governmental & starting from its preliminary stages of feasibility studies through the different stages during the construction, commissioning, and final handover.

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OG Engineering in multi-disciplined synergy to provide EPCM service (Engineering coordination, procurement construction, and management) on all kinds of projects.

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