OG Engineering. EHS Policy:

– No Safety Incidents casualties according to Zero tolerance policy

– Incident Free Work Environment

– Environmental Protection Policy

To ensure achieving our EHS Policy:

Working according to specifications in each and every site in accordance with Israeli laws.


EHS Training

To educate management, supervisors and all operatives, characterized by different languages and cultures, for advanced safety performance within an Incident & Injury Free environment during a fast-track time frame.

Environmental Policy

OG Engineering. considers the protection of the environment to be of prime importance

and therefore strives to minimize the impact of its operations and products on the environment.

Ergonomics Policy

OG Engineering. EHS project Department is establishing an ergonomics program to reduce the potential of its employees to experience the pain and discomfort associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which are often caused by poor ergonomic workplace design and practice.


Safety Performances Indicators

Purpose: The graph compares a leading indicator relative to historical performance as follows:

First Aid Case Rate – Actual (cumulative) First Aid Case Rate based on 200,000 WH versus CS Projects average (the definition is noted below)

Purpose: The graph shows “recordable” injuries sorted by “cause” at a point in time sorted in sequence from highest number of cases to least reported for a given period (month).

Contact us.

Email - info@oghandasa.com

Phone - +972-74-7015130

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