Train Station

Area: Jerusalem

Project Value: 500 million

Status: Finished


The underground railway station at the Jerusalem entrance was built as the terminus of the Jerusalem-Ganot railway as part of the five-year plan of the Israel Railways. The station is named after Yitzhak Navon, the 5th president of the State of Israel; it is the largest train station in Israel, covering an area of ​​approximately 60,000 square meters. The station is located near the western entrance to the city of Jerusalem, and the Nation Buildings are near it. Next are supplementary transportation links to the central bus station and the light rail station. Due to the constraints of building the railway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at a slope suitable for passenger train traffic, building the station’s platforms at a depth of about 80 meters below street level was necessary. The station was built at the end of a tunnel that connects the station to the railway bridge over Emek Arazim.


The station is divided into two primary levels: an upper-level near ground level with offices, ticket offices, and other services, and a lower level with four platforms. The connection between the two groups, the difference between which is about 60 meters, is made through high-speed elevators, escalators, and stairs. The station area has large operational areas, the purpose of which is to enable the station’s operation while maintaining safety. Due to the great depth of the station, large ventilation systems were installed in the lower part that circulate air from the street level, as well as emergency systems that allow a quick suction of the air on the lower level in the event of a fire. The temperature at the level of the platforms is stable due to the great depth of the station and is not affected by the changes in the seasons.


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