Renovation project of Tuviyahu Boulevard

Area: Be'er Sheva

Project Value: TBD

Status: Finished


The renovation project of Tuviyahu Boulevard is estimated at NIS 50 million.

The works on the central transportation axis, which are part of a broad plan to upgrade the public space in Beer-Sheva, will include the construction of a new traffic light intersection between Bialik-Tuviyahu and Eli Davis streets, the renovation of roads and the replacement of pavements, the construction of playground and fitness facilities, Planting trees and new gardening strips, placing street furniture: garbage cans, benches, fountains, seating areas, dedicated signs and new lighting.

The new infrastructure is expected to ease traffic and improve access to the welfare of residents and business owners. This is a joint project of the Be’er Sheva municipality, the Economic Corporation, and the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

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