French Hill Tunnels

Area: Jerusalem

Project Value: TBD

Status: On going


As part of the expansion of the transportation infrastructure in Jerusalem, new tunnels are being built:

  • A pair of two-track tunnels towards Maale Adumim from east to west and back with a total length of about 1500 meters, which are called TUM.
  • A pair of single-track tunnels towards Pisgat Ze’ev and Neve Ya’akov and back along the length A total of about 700 meters called TUP

The tunnels will be controlled from the existing control center of the Municipality of Jerusalem – MNT.

The role of the control system is to control, manage, and monitor the movement of vehicles in and around the tunnel, as well as to manage the system’s response to unusual events based on pre-defined scenarios, including the ability to operate and manually intervene.

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