Genesis Turbine Far

Area: Golan Heights

Project Value: TBD

Status: On going


Genesis turbine farm is located in the eastern part of the Golan Heights.

The planned power of turbine farms at the grid connection point will be up to 189.9 megawatts.

Genesis Farm will include the following main parts:

The work in the area of ​​the turbine farm will include the construction of concrete foundations for turbines, crane lifts, crane assembly areas, turbine parts storage areas and a road network between the turbines.

• 39 turbines with rated power up to 5.3 megawatts.

• High-voltage cable collection system

• Jonathan sub-station

• Yehudiya sub-station

• Infrastructure for radars and birdwatchers

• Measuring masts

• Other infrastructure / temporary areas.

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